To generate your monthly newsletters we use a template automator to insert your name, contact information, logo(s), headshots and banners into an pre-existing template (with articles, article images, and text) so that you don't have to do those steps.

We have one automator for the print templates and a different automator for the email newsletter templates.

This means that there are certain items that we can change on your behalf that will be saved and will appear on every future template. And,  there are other items that can't be saved that won't appear on every future template because they require a manual change.

To help you better understand what can be saved and what requires a manual change, we've put together this guide for you. You can scroll down for the visual of the Quick Guide for Your Print Newsletters.

What Can Be Updated Automatically?

Below are the items that we can change on your behalf that will be saved and appear on every future email template automatically. Please bear in mind that we can update the content of these items, but not the style of them (font size and style cannot be changed automatically). If you would like us to make manual changes on your behalf, you can upgrade with an add-on service - read here to learn about your options.

  • Your Name
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Newsletter Name
  • Your Logo
  • Your Mailing Address
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Website Address
  • Your License Number
  • Your Headshot
  • Your Header components

When one of these items is updated, it will be updated wherever they appear on your newsletters. For example, your phone number appears in your header, in the free guide box at the bottom of page 1, on page 3 in the Quick Quiz box, and on the last page of the newsletter. When we make the update to your phone number, all of those places with show the newly updated phone number.

If you have a permanent change to your name, company name, newsletter name, logo, mailing address, email address, website address, license number, headshot or header components, please submit a help ticket here with the changes you need so we can be sure to fix this for all future templates.

Important: When you make your own manual changes on the print template, please note that this will not automatically change your future templates. 

What Can't Be Updated Automatically and Requires A Manual Change?

Here are the items that require a manual change so they can't be saved for future templates:

  • Article Titles
  • Article Content
  • Article Images
  • Disclaimer Text
  • Font Type or Size
  • Thank You For Your Referrals box text
  • Quick Quiz box & Quick Quiz Image
  • Inside This Newsletter box
  • Text box background colors
  • Page Footer Bar Color

Everything You Need to Know About Your Header

The header at the top of your newsletter is treated a bit differently compared to the other sections of the newsletter. It is a graphic image and the same header is used in both your print and email templates. This means that the text fields, colored shapes, and logos or headshots are permanent and require a graphic design program to edit. 

Your header is something we can easily update for you and will be saved for future templates - this service is included with your subscription.

We can update the text fields (newsletter name, your name, phone number, email, tag line) and images (logo(s), headshot, other images that have been included like an equal housing opportunity logo). We can even change the color of the text, the color of the horizontal band and the background color.

Go ahead and submit a help ticket here with the changes you need so we fix this for all future templates.

Prefer a unique header design? Our designer can build a very customized header for you that matches your other brand collateral (like your brochures or website) for a one-time $100 fee. This includes 2 rounds of revisions. Call us on the support line 1-877-976-6368, option 2, if you have questions about a completely unique header.

What's the Difference Between Self-Mailer & Envelope Edition?

The self-mailer is a style that does not require an envelope in order to be sent. This template format has an open space at the top of page 2 or page 4. Below you'll see an example of how the self-mailer looks when it is addressed and stamped. You can print labels and apply them in the blank opening or when you print and mail with us, the address is printed directly onto he newsletter.

The envelope style newsletter was designed to go inside an envelope when being sent out.

Quick Guide for Your Print Newsletters

Below is a quick visual guide of the items we can change on your behalf that will be saved and appear on every future template automatically.

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