Personal article from Tom Larsen's newsletter
One thing we always urge clients to do is to use their newsletter to make a personal connection with clients. That's exactly what Tom has done here with what is a very personal story about his daughter, who was planning to join the Peace Corps. It's an emotional story, very well told. What better way to form a bond with your cilents?


Tom Larsen was a runner up in our 2011 Newsletter Marketer of the Year contest.

Tom is a very smart marketer - he really makes the most of the power of his newsletter to build deeper relationships with his clients and bring more business.

Here is his entry.


Describe your business before using newsletters


Tell us about any issues you had about getting clients, making sales or developing your business.


Just an ordinary, local insurance agency, just like the 10s of others in my area.


Describe your business after using newsletters

image from newsletter showing referral awards
Tom uses his newsletter to publicize his referral rewards, in which he gives away some great prizes. And what better way to publicize the prize than by taking a picture of the winner and putting it in the newsletter!

Tell us how your business changed. Did you get more clients? If so, how many? How much extra income did you make? Did they benefit your business in any other way?


Thought of as an expert, someone who they can come to for advice. Totally different.


Describe how you used newsletters to get these benefits


Tell us how you distribute your newsletters, how often, and who to. Tell us anything else we need to know about your newsletter program.


I write three separate newsletters for my top 20% of clients.  Then I use a different version for my COIs (Centers of Influence). Then a 3rd vresion for commercial area Realtors (NYSCAR), a professional organization I belong to.

So I get 3 versions of the 1 newsletter I am getting from you. Thanks!



tom larsen referral namecheck
Tom recognizes people who refer clients to him with a name-check in his newsletters.
offer in Tom Larsen insurance newsletter
It's always a smart idea to include an offer in your newsletter. Here's one in Tom's.
Tom Larsen NYSCAR Newsletter image
Tom makes different versions of his newsletter for different segments of his contact list. Here he includes pictures and information about a charity event the group took part in.
tom larsen small business guide promotion from newsletter
Tom is the co-author of a book of advice for the owners of small businesses. He promotes the book here, adding to his credibility in the eyes of his commercial clients.


image from newsletter showing youtube channel
Tom uses Youtube to market his insurance business, and promotes his Youtube channel in his newsletter.




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