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Sheri Brown was a runner up in our 2011 Newsletter Marketer of the Year contest.

She makes terrific changes to her newsletter, focusing on bringing in the local community. It shows what you can do with our content if you get really creative.

Here is her entry.


Describe your business before using newsletters


Tell us about any issues you had about getting clients, making sales or developing your business.


I have always used a newsletter, but used a different style, it was from another company more strictly real estate based.

When I started to send out the READY TOGO NEWSLETTERS, I had at least three phone calls within days of the delivery date from clients telling me they loved my newsletter. I finally had to ask one client...."this is the first time your are mentioning my newsletters? Why? I have been sending newsletters to you for about a year now?" My client replied, "To tell you the honest truth, I never read the other Newsletter, it just wasn't interesting."

She felt the new newsletter that was in colour and with interesting articles was worth a read, creative and she looked forward to reading it now 🙂


Describe your business after using newsletters


Tell us how your business changed. Did you get more clients? If so, how many? How much extra income did you make? Did they benefit your business in any other way?


Using the amazing stories and adding photos to my newsletter has boosted my business dramatically. In fact, when I mailed this newsletter out it resulted in two re-lists. One has since sold, the other has a pending offer!!

My clients have told me they look forward to receiving my newsletters every month and the interesting articles.

Image of page 2 of Sheri Brown's customer newsletter

I could not stop using the newsletters to go in my marketing! So beneficial!



Describe how you used newsletters to get these benefits


Tell us how you distribute your newsletters, how often, and who to. Tell us anything else we need to know about your newsletter program.


I distribute once a month via mail and mail walks to the areas I farm market.

I have even given space to local charities to advertize their events. The neighbourhood has benefited from learning about what's happening in their community.

Also I use the email system.




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