One of the metrics you can track in our email sending system (powered by VerticalResponse) is clicks through to your website.

(This metric is often overlooked – people usually focus on open rate, bounces and unsubscribes.)

However, it is clicks that best predict someone’s interest in what you have to offer. After all, people who click are engaging with you and taking another step in their relationship with you. And, thanks to the detailed reporting we offer, you can see exactly which recipients have clicked through to your website.

That’s great for identifying your most active prospects and clients.

But most people fall down when it comes to generating clicks.

It’s one thing to put a link to your website in the newsletter.

But that’s often not enough to generate a click.

This is why people don’t get as many clicks as they think they should – they’re not giving people a reason to click!

Here are some ideas to increase the number of clicks you get:

Create an offer. It’s not usually enough to just give people your website address. Instead, you need to give them a reason to click through. This is done with an offer – a compelling reason to take action. That offer might be a special offer on a product or service, or it might be something as simple as a link to a free tool on your website (a quotations engine or listings search, for example).

When you set up your email newsletter, you can create content that stays there each month. We can add this for you in several places: the top of the left column, the top of the main column, and the bottom of the main column. You could use these places to put links to offers or to the most popular or important parts of your website.

Add links after relevant articles. At the end of articles in your newsletter, create links that go to a page on your website with further information on that topic, or details of a product or service you offer that relates to that topic.

Use buttons as well as links. VerticalResponse allows you to create buttons instead of just links. These can make your link more obvious and appealing. You can see more information on VR’s buttons service at

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