Yesterday, we had a very happy client. (Although we are not perfect, we do get a lot of nice comments from clients – which makes the days of all of us who work here that much more sunny!). This client was so happy that he promised to post a positive review on the internet.

So that got me thinking of something you can put into your newsletter that will make it much more effective.

It’s called Social Proof.

Here’s the thing: people are much more likely to believe what other people say about you than anything you say about yourself.

That’s obvious, really.

So that’s why I encourage you to include testimonials from happy clients in your newsletter.

Of course, in order to include those testimonials, you need to collect them in the first place!

So if you don’t have a bunch of testimonials, consider making it a priority to collect positive comments from your clients. For example, whenever someone says something nice, ask them if you can use their words as a testimonial, ideally with their full name. And think about ways you can create a system to collect testimonials from clients – perhaps by asking them to complete a survey about your service.

The best testimonials are in your clients’ own words so that they sound natural. They also include concrete details of how your service has benefited them. The more real they are, the better.

When you’ve got some testimonials, edit your newsletter and put them in.

It’s a very simple way to add social proof to your business.

(This should go without saying, but don’t even think about making up testimonials!)

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