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We’ve created a brand new exclusive Facebook Group for our Ready To Go Newsletter members. It is a place for high-level relationship building, social media market and newsletter DISCUSSIONS... sharing things you’ve implemented, the results you got, what’s working now, what didn’t work, and why… as well as asking questions, giving, supporting, learning and growing.

You will want to be part of this group!

We’ll also be posting informative posts to help you grow your business using our newsletters as well as social media. This will be a great place to help you take your newsletter and social media marketing to the next level. All you need to do is click here to join.

Can’t wait to see you there!


Simon's Book Now Available

BOOK001-72dpiA book by our founder and president, Simon Payn, is now available.

What's it about? Newsletters... of course! And how to use them to build influence, grow profits and make business fun again in today's digital world.

The book is basically everything he knows about newsletters and the new technologies that build on newsletters to make growing your business so much easier.

Here's a taste of what's inside:

• Discover the single biggest secret to being happy, fulfilled (and successful) in your business.

• Find out the most important number in your business. Without knowing this, you’re shooting in the dark.

• How to nurture leads… without lifting a finger. This alone will save you hours of wasted time.

• The secret to becoming the go-to expert in your industry. When you do this, sales turn from struggle to pleasure.

• The one thing to get right if you want to crush your competition. This one strategy will make you the obvious choice for your favorite customers.

• The surprising way that automation can actually magnify the relationship you have with your clients.

• What your newsletters must have to make them profitable. Fail to do this and you could waste time and money.

Go to and click the button that says Buy the Book.

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2015 Newsletter Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2015 Newsletter Marketer of the Year Contest.

We had some terrific responses - you made all of us here at Ready to Go Newsletters very happy.

And... the winner is...David Kaseman!

We had difficulty choosing just 2 runners up, so we chose 5 instead! They are: Barbie and Curtis Riley, Sandra Caton, Joan Hillegas, Vince Graves, and Phil Oliver.

Simon will be writing about the winners in the May issue of our own newsletter.

Thank you once again to everyone who entered.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Confused and overwhelmed by your printing and mailing options?

Let us surprise you with how easy.. and cost effective... a direct mail campaign can be!

Read more here.

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Building your own marketing machine

machineverticalimagesWe often get clients asking us what else we have to offer.

So I got to thinking:

We can offer you lots of products and services…


I don’t want to just sell you more “stuff”. I think you deserve better than that.

Instead, I want to show you how your newsletter can integrate into a complete marketing machine.

Not only will your newsletter become more effective, but it will make your entire marketing operation much more efficient.

I’ve put together a quick course, called “The 5 Big Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Marketing…and How to Fix Them.” You’ll get it by email - it will help you understand what I mean.

There’s no charge for the course. It’s just an education thing, although I will be telling you about what else we can offer you.

To get the course, just click this link:

Thank you for your continued support,

Simon Payn
Ready to Go Newsletters

NEW: Custom-written articles

If you'd like to make your newsletter even more targeted to your clients, but you don't have time to write any articles, we can help.

Our article-writing service costs just $99 per article up to 300 words. (Technical articles might require a higher charge.)

We will have one of our writers and journalists write the article for you, which will then be edited and added to your newsletter.

To find out more, call 877-976-6368 or email

Every Door Direct Mail Print Template

For US clients we have introduced the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) print template with your regular 4 page and 2 page newsletters. EDDM is an 8 ½ by 11 front and back mailer commonly used to target a specific audience through courier routes and zip codes. Think of it like a giant postcard that can be used to reach neighborhoods without having to know street addresses. The template is print ready so simply print it off and bring it to your local post office or contact for all your printing needs.

How much money are you leaving on the table by neglecting your clients?

By Simon Payn

I just read some astonishing stats about real estate agents (but the same will likely apply to your business) in RISMedia.

• Only 18% of real estate brokerages generate repeat business

• Only 6% of agents with three to five years of experience generate repeat business

• Only 17% of agents with six to 17 years of experience generate repeat business

• Only 38% of agents with 16+ years of experience generate repeat business

And all this is despite the well-known fact that it’s something like seven times cheaper to get business from repeat clients than it is to go banging the bushes for new clients.

Of course, if you are new in business, all your clients are new. But as soon as you have just one happy client, it’s time to start building a relationship that will see that client come back next time.

All you need to do is keep in touch with useful, interesting information to make sure that your client remembers you as the caring professional that you are.

Here’s some simple math to prove my point.

In real estate, the average homeowner might move every seven years.

Imagine you have successfully closed 10 deals, so you have 10 clients to keep in touch with.

You can subscribe to our newsletter service for $697 per year, which gives you fresh content you can send every month. So, for each of your 10 clients, the cost is $69.70 per year. Multiply that for seven years to account for the average amount of time they might stay in a home, and the cost per client is $487.90.

Now, imagine what happens when these people want to list their homes. Conservatively, you might earn $4,000 from each deal (depending on the sale price and commission, of course). So that’s a profit after your keeping-in-touch costs of $3,512.10 per closing. This is money that you likely would not have earned if you had not kept in touch.

Then imagine you have 20 clients to keep in touch with. Or 50. Or 100.

You can do similar math for whatever business you are in.

Figure out how often a client could buy from you and work out how much you make each time that client buys. Then figure out the cost of keeping in touch with that client and subtract one from the other. Remember, if the amount you earn from each client is small, it’s likely they will buy more often and you will have a greater number of clients, which means that the cost of keeping in touch with each is much, much smaller.

When keeping in touch is so easy, it seems a no-brainer way to build your business and income.

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