How to Unlock the Profits Hidden
Inside Your Personality

Thousands of people have this priceless gift - but never use it!

You can use your gift to become famous in your market, without any extra hassle
(if you qualify)

Attention Elite Business Owners and Agents:

You've been in business long enough to know the basic benefits of a good follow up newsletter...

• it's 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new's working smart - not hard

• it's one of the easiest competitive advantages you can employ...since most of your competitors will never follow up

Even new entrants know all this...they don't DO any of it...but they know it.

But, here's a Secret only the most elite business owners know...


It's the secret difference between mediocre business people and elite business people.

How to Put the Secrets of the Most Successful Marketers of All Time to Work for You

Here's a few examples of what I'm talking about...

• Oprah - When she recommends a book it becomes a best seller. When she comes out in favor of Obama, he gets elected president. She's the most successful TV personality of all time.

• Simon Cowell - You might not like him, but you know where he stands. The most recognizable record company executive of all time.

• Suze Orman - Known as much for her straight-shooting style as she is for the financial advice she gives. One of the most well-known financial advisors in history.

• Donald Trump - Pompous? Opinionated? Yep. And also the most famous entrepreneur on the planet.

What do all these successes have in common? Well, they are all "corporations" but none of them SOUND like a corporation. Their business is their personality.

They all know the power of "personality marketing". And so should you. Because, unless you are Coca Cola or General Motors or some other ‘big brand', you MUST be different or you'll just get lost in the shuffle.

You MUST be Unique. If you want to be in the top 1% you have to set yourself apart. And the best way to do that is to let your personality shine.

What Qualities Do Elite Business Owners Possess?

• Winning personality
• Creativity
• Willingness to go the extra mile
• Confidence
• Expertise...recognized as a "Thought Leader" in the market
• Obsession with being "Plugged In"
• Up to date on the latest industry trends and news
• Helpful...a consultant in the truest sense of the word

So What Does All This Have to Do with Your Newsletter?

As with any game, there are those who will merely throw in their ante and pay the "price to play" ...and then there are those who are playing for keeps.

Those who will up the stakes, flush out all the wannabes, and scoop up the big pots.

The high rollers who always seem to win.

How Do You Raise the Stakes and Win the "Big Money Hands" with Your Newsletter?

By injecting your personality.

You see, any old newsletter will "get your name out there" but if you're an elite business owner, you want more than that.

You want to be FAMOUS.

That's right. Famous. You want everyone in your market to know your name. You do this by giving them more than just the facts that prove you are an expert. You give them YOU.

• Your personality
• Your opinions
• Your creativity
• Your confidence
• Your rants
• Your humor
• Your expertise

Even your obsessions!

This, and only this, is what will allow you to leap frog your competitors and become THE GO-TO PERSON in your market.

The Problem with Most Great Business People...SOLVED!

You might be saying, "Yes, Simon, I agree. Personality is what sells. But I don't have time to sit down and write an op-ed piece every month. I'm not a writer. I'm a talker. I'm a doer."

And you're exactly right.

Most top-flight business owners are not "writer types". It doesn't fit the personality profile. If you had time to sit down and write, I'd have serious doubts about whether you would even qualify for this program. This program is only for elite business owners. And elite business owners aren't sitting in front of a monitor all day. They're out selling.

So, I've put together a perfect solution

How to Use Your Newsletter to Become FAMOUS...without spending all your time writing

Introducing...Gold Newsletter Service. For Elite Business Owners Only.

YOU MUST QUALIFY: If You Earn at Least $150,000 in income each year, here's what you'll qualify for...

1. Get Interviewed by One of Our Staff Writers...we will call you and pick your brain. Listen to you rant. Laugh at your jokes. Mark down your expert observations. Transcribe your amusing and insightful stories from "the trenches". We'll just let you talk and take it all down for you. You don't write. You just do what you do and let your personality shine though.

2. Get Two Pages of Customized "Personality" Content...which we will then blend into your newsletter. (maximum 1,000 words per month)

3. Get Your Newsletter into the Hands of the Movers and Shakers...the people who really matter in your market. We will help you identify the movers and shakers and create an envelope that stands out from all their junk mail. These people are your network hubs - your top 1%. They have the power to spread your message and make things happen for you. One powerful mailing to one of these power networkers is worth 1000 average newsletters mailed to the "mediocre middle". We know how to find them and how to get them to read your newsletter.

4. Get Your Newsletter Emailed and Printed for you...we do all the work (same as Silver service).

5. Get Famous.

All this for $699 per month. Check around. This kind of service would cost you $2,500 elsewhere. The key is our savings is "blended content". We blend our standard content with your custom content. You get the best of both worlds: an affordable price and a high powered newsletter that brings back lots of clients month after month.

My "Get Famous" Guarantee:

If, after 90 days of being involved with my Gold Newsletter Service, you don't think it's helped you

• get FAMOUS in your market
• put your name and personality in front of the movers and shakers in your area and generated 20% more new leads
• position yourself as a "thought leader" in the community

Heck, if you don't think it's the best newsletter service you've ever used, seen or heard of, I'll refund every penny you paid, as long as you send it out.

Click here if you qualify

Yours, for success


Simon Payn

PS: I've been doing newsletter services for a long time and I know what I'm doing, but this is a brand new service. I'm uber confident it will be a great deal for YOU. But I'm still working out the exact cost to me.

What does this mean to you? It means I have priced this service at the absolute minimum for this "Grand Opening" period. Chances are very good that I will be raising the price as much as 30 to 40% after the first 10 clients have enrolled. But if you get it NOW, your price will be locked down for as long as you remain a GOLD client.

So, if you want a guaranteed way to vault into the top 1% of your profession, click here NOW.









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