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Lifetime Newsletter Service

for a One-Time Payment of Just $1297

Just one fee covers our newsletter service
for as long as you want


From the desk of Simon Payn, President, Ready to Go Newsletters


If you know anything about newsletters, you know that they work best over the long term.

After all, newsletters are about building relationships. They’re not a one-time thing.

The trouble is, a lot of people give up too soon. And that means they fail to reap the benefits that newsletters can bring.

So I got to thinking.

What if I offered a “lifetime” membership to our service?

In that way, people would pay just one fee and get newsletters for as long as they wanted.

…That’s why today I am introducing our Lifetime Package.

You’ll get newsletters for as long as you wish. For just a single fee of $1297.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: there must be a catch?

OK, there are a couple – but I think they are very minor.

1. You’ll need to log into your account once every three months to keep it active. You don’t even have to send a newsletter out – just log in. The reason we do this is that there is no point providing a service to people who don’t need it anymore.

2. You’ll still get your 1000 email sending credits per month. But if you need more, you will have to buy them, just as everyone else does. They cost $1.20 per 100 that you buy. If you want your real estate statistics service, you must still buy that in the regular way - $29 per month or $277 per year.

3. If you currently have an annual subscription, you can upgrade to Lifetime if your last charge was in the last three months or if you are still in your one-month free trial. If your last charge was more than three months ago, you can upgrade to Lifetime at your next renewal date.

4. If for any reason we are unable to honor Lifetime Memberships in the future, you will be entitled to a refund based on the difference, if any, between the cost of your membership and what you would have paid for our services at our annual rates. Otherwise, your membership is non-refundable.

That’s all the conditions I have, apart from our usual terms of service.

The reason we can offer this is because our greatest expense is attracting new clients rather than servicing clients over the long term, so we think that - economically - a Lifetime Membership is beneficial to you and Ready to Go Newsletters.

So, that’s the deal.

It’s the best deal we’ve ever offered.

It simply makes sense if you are serious about getting the benefits of newsletters.

To get started, please email Mayna at or call 877-976-6368, then press 1.