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From Simon Payn

One of the things we do best is write articles.

That's because I'm a professional journalist, so I know what goes into the kind of articles that people want to read.

I've created articles for newspapers and websites in seven countries across North America and Europe. I've also run a team of 12 editors and writers, producing content on a daily basis.

We hire journalists or experts to write the articles, so you get something that is accurate and interesting to read.

One thing we don't do is hire non-native English writers (people from India or the Philippines) to write our articles. We find that these writers (although cheap) are simply not good enough.

It does mean, however, that our articles are a little more expensive than those created by article factories in the Third World.

But if you care about quality (and the effect that has on your professional image), you'll want to consider asking us to write articles for you.

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